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Vietnamese Beef Noodle Pho

I'm sure we eat more pho in our lifetime than we have eating pumpkin pies. In my case, eating noodles in my upbringing was a staple. Though PhแปŸ was a slight variety that I don't get as often as a kid, I ended up eating it a lot while living in Vancouver and in recent days.

Instapot Tori Broth Ramen with Ajitama

This recipe may seem like a lot of steps, but it honestly only took me 3 hours...

Bear with me through this recipe. Though simple in nature compared to how a traditional ramen would be made, I've tried to use most traditional methods as it can be for an instapot recipe. I have sorted the recipe into 3-4 separate parts to make it easier to compartmentalise the steps to each component.