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Instapot Tori Broth Ramen with Ajitama

This recipe may seem like a lot of steps, but it honestly only took me 3 hours...

Bear with me through this recipe. Though simple in nature compared to how a traditional ramen would be made, I've tried to use most traditional methods as it can be for an instapot recipe. I have sorted the recipe into 3-4 separate parts to make it easier to compartmentalise the steps to each component.

Tea Leaf Eggs 茶葉蛋

The simple pleasures in life...

is all about eating what you grew up with. As a kid I would walk along the streets of Hong Kong, and a delicious waft of smell would go right by our nose. As you turn the corner the herbal tea shop would always have a steaming pot of hot tea leaf eggs waiting for you, tempting you, just telling you that you must get yourself at least one, or maybe two!