Welcome to Finger Lickin' Eats. I'm Casey, nice to meet you =).

This page initially just started as a fun place for me to post about restaurants I enjoy but over time I realised, creation is the key and beauty to food. I began this in 2008 while still living in Vancouver. Though I've lost most of my content from the early days I have since transferred myself here, to a more beautiful site layout from my blogspot days, and also back to Hong Kong where I was born and raised. 

I am very much a quality over quantity kind of lady and I wouldn't really call myself a food blogger, rather so just a passionate foodie. My true profession actually lays in digital marketing and photography. Professionally trained in photography, I have progressed into the marketing and agency industry, and now provide for the best of both worlds within content management, photography, food/lifestyle styling.

My love of food came about when I was very young as my mum is an excellent baker, she would assign me to be her little helper. I would pour over her classic French recipe books and look through all the beautiful food photography, soaking in all that food porn. From then on I progressed into savoury foods during university and taught myself as much as I could.

Hope you enjoy my honest thoughts and if I'm not updating this site, just know I'm buzzing around town shooting or creating content at CKANI Creative instead.